Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bring on the Off!

Well, it finally stopped raining and the warm sunny days have arrived. And along with them, the mayflies. It's a little known fact, but our state bird isn't actually a bird. It's a mayfly. Mayflies are actually more obnoxious than mosquitoes if you can imagine that. And the amazing thing is the little buggers only live one day. Just long enough to make your life hell, and then die. This little tidbit came from google:

Most adults are delicate insects with a very short lifespan. They do not feed (mouthparts are vestigial), and some species emerge, reproduce, and die in a single day. Males generally fly in swarms that undulate in the air 5-15 meters above the ground. Females fly into the swarm and are quickly grabbed by a male. Copulation takes place in flight, and the female usually lays her clutch of eggs within minutes or hours. Males die shortly after mating; females usually die soon after oviposition.

Personally, I could do without them at all. But in the meantime, bring on the Off!

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