Thursday, May 19, 2005

CBS Fall Line-Up

what's hot and what's not

Well.. Joan of Arcadia has been axed.. which is too bad. I must confess that I had a hard time watching it in the Friday 8pm timeslot. I believe that if CBS wanted that show to thrive they would've moved it elsewhere before just kicking it to the curb. But alas, such is naught.

Two and a half men got picked up again, which thrills me to no end. With so many drama's on TV now, you need a good laugh once in a while. Yes Dear is on the fall line up too, so they must've realized that we really do like that show and missed it. I watch reruns on my treadmill during the winter.

How I met your mother is a new flashback show about a single guy looking for a wife.Doesn't say who is staring or give more details.. not sure about this one.

Then we have a few more suspense shows, another sitcom about a family and a Military drama about members of a comando unit and their fams. Interesting. Don't think I'll pick that up mid-season at all.

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