Sunday, May 15, 2005

The great TV debate

So, I've been hooked on Survivor since the very first episode of season 1. Even when I had to tape them and watch them on a different night, I have seen every single episode there has been to see.

This year, I got hooked hard on Desperate Housewives. I just love the catty women and their issues.

Tonight we realized that the season finale of Survivor was on at the same time as "our housewives". And we had the great "what do we watch" discussion. Survivor won, but I almost wish we had just skipped it and watched the wives.

I really really wanted Stephanie to win. Out of everyone on this season, she was the one who most deserved to win in my opinion. Tom is ok enough.. but really the past few weeks I just haven't cared much about who was left. I have to admit, out of all the Survivor seasons, this one has been my least favorite. The way it played out, the people, the dominating tribe.. the whole bit. I just haven't much cared for it at all.

Now I need to wait, however impatiently, for the dish sites to gab about tonight's housewives and wait for the finale next week. It's the week of the great finale. CSI is ending, ER is ending, and along with it John Carter is leaving which will unquestionably have me bawling as I've seen ER every episode since day 1 also (what can I say, as a fan I'm a die hard)... and there haven't been any previews for great summer fill-ins. Better dust off the video rental card.

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