Saturday, October 15, 2005

5 things I'm currently pondering

1. 9 days of rain. It has been raining, non-stop (either regular rain, pouring, or a drizzle) for 9 days now. That is 9 days with no sunshine. 9 days of damp, cold air. 9 days of everything being wet. 9 days of high water and overflowing rivers and flood-watches. We don't need more rain. In fact, I think we've hit our water capacity for the year. I better not hear the words "drought, or fire danger" for a long long time. My weather girl currently shows it to be mostly cloudy and a tad sunny with no rain. She lies like a rug. If it were currently such, I can tell you I wouldn't be logged onto the Internets.

2. Our playground. You might remember an earlier post about our fundraising being finished for the playground. We started assembling it yesterday (in the dreary rain) , with a goal to be finished today. However, as it poured all night long, it was to wet and their is too much water in the post holes to work today. Hopefully it'll be finished tomorrow and I'll have an update and some photos. It's almost hard to believe this long journey is almost over. Course, if it doesn't stop raining, the kids will never get a chance to use it.

3. Puberty Ed. My son starts puberty ed on Halloween. I find that to be a fitting day to start something that scares the crap out of the kids who are taking it for the first time. I can't believe he's old enough, and I have left the boy in charge of sitting him down beforehand for a little chat to ease his troubled mind (one of the older kids told him it's gross and therefore he's all paranoid about it). I did however buy him his first stick of deodorant this morning. That was a weird experience for me, having to buy it..and it was weird for him (when he got back from his sleepover) to try and use it. My little man is growing up and I don't like it. ( I don't think he does either but shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell him I told you.)

4. Babies. There seems to be something in the water lately, because a LOT of people I know are going to be having babies in the spring. People I work with, people who are sort of family but not quite, friends, people I am friends with through the Internets. So far we have one girl in the mix. Between now and early November the rest will be determined, and I can get to work on sweaters for these little angels. So many spring babies.. so little time.

5. Christmas. I know, I know.. it's early. But I've got a good chunk of my fall cleaning done, and baking, and all this leads my brain towards thinking about Christmas. That and the ads they are flooding the TV with. And maybe the isles of toy displays at the stores. And the Christmas crafty things that are out already. I'm not ready for Christmas. I'm not ready to think about it, or plan for it.. but here we are. 2 weeks from Halloween, and it's coming. Of course, if it doesn't stop raining soon.. Santa's going to need a Kayak.

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