Sunday, October 30, 2005

And so it goes...

In honor of Halloween being tomorrow, I give you sleeping cat in a fall basket. I don't care for Halloween, so this is the best I have to offer. I won that basket in a raffle earlier in the spring, and it is sitting on top of a heater in my kitchen. The cat, who loves to sleep there sans basket, decided that if the basket was going to be in her way, made the best of the situation and has taken to sleeping inside. Whatever works right?

A little re-cap of how the weekend went. I feel you deserve this after I posted what I planned to get done this weekend. In retrospect, I realize that my goals were a little lofty, and I forget to take into consideration how TIRED I was on Friday when I posted this. Being tired affected my baking. I did get applesauce made, and some of it's in jars in the freezer to gift away during the holidays. I also managed chilli in the crockpot today, and the boy made bread. Not quick bread, a nice honey wheat to go with dinner. I think I'll take a few nights this week and do the baking I had planned. We'll see how it goes. Yah, and the cleaning? I must've inhaled a few too many fumes Friday.

The raking went well. Half the yard is mostly leaf free, and the other half is littered with piles awaiting removal. Not bad for a few hours spread over two days. Today was a gorgeous day, with temps in the mid-6o's and the boy attended to some much needed window caulking, which trumped the leaves. I didn't mind and he did help with the hauling away, but I think half the yard is a good accomplishment.

Soccer was cold. The kids won their last game, leaving them with 1 loss all season. Next week is the playoff's and they are pumped. Didn't make to Micheal's. Went over there, after browsing I-Party for a costume for mr.Idon'twanttothinkabouthalloweenuntilthedaybeforewhenallthegoodcostumesaregone
(and who the hell pays $30 bucks for a costume a kids' going to wear on one day?!?!) and the parking lot was overflowing with cars.. people parking in neighboring lots, and decided to skip it. I've been in Michael s. We had one in the city before we moved out here. Apparently these people have not. I had a 50% off coupon and went to see if I could aquire a ball winder for a reasonable fee. I have another coupon good for 50% Friday and Sat.. and Friday we have no school. After I take the kids to have their teeth cleaned we'll head over. Most people should be at work.

I got a little knitting done. My hands cramped up while I was working on my sock (yah, number 2 of THAT pair) which is a result of raking (I think) and so I figured I'd put it off for a few days.
Happy Haunting

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