Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bella Luna

Sometimes, just when you feel like you can't take it for one millisecond longer, the god's smile down on you and suddenly it's not so bad.

Sometimes, after you've sunken into a low, morose slump, feeling like it will always be gloomy and grey, the storm breaks and a light shines softly in the distance.. drawing you back from your dark solitude.

Just before dinner tonight it stopped raining.

After 9 long, dreary days the clouds broke up and it stopped almost as fast as it started. And for a brief second or two, the sun shone. So after dinner the boy and I headed out for our evening walk. Intending to take some photos of the playground's progress, we set out for a short walk with our cameras. Our long walk will be on hiatus until it starts getting lighter later, so we didn't pay head to the fact that it was starting to get dark.

After 9 days, it was just nice to be outside. Walking. Without the rain pelting down, or the mist that might as well have just been rain, or having the hood up and our heads down. A nice brisk walk. Just by the church the boy took this shot of the moon. You can still see the storm clouds, but the moon has burst through them, like a beacon in the night. A signal that brighter days are ahead, that things in fact will be better. A beautiful moon.

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