Thursday, October 27, 2005

In which we find rambles

1.The weather has been awfully weird around here this month. We started out the month with summer like temps, then we had some flooding and major rains, and yesterday we woke up to snow on the ground. Actually, when I went to bed on Tuesday night it was snowing. Not that snow in October is unusual around here, but I haven't even raked my leaves yet. (waiting for those last hold outs to fall off) I decided last year that multiple raking sessions were out, as I don't have time anymore, and the boy recommended raking all at once once there were no leaves left to fall. He even helped and I figured, hey, why reinvent the wheel right? As much as it conflicts with my OCD tendencies to have a messy leafy yard, the help is worth the wait. We plan to head out this weekend and clean it all up.

2.It's amazing what you can learn about your coworkers when you are forced to spend 3 hours with them in a car. Today 8 of us attended a day long workshop an hour and a half away. 7 am is way to early to be stuck in a car with people you work with no matter how much you like them. Especially if you haven't had your coffee yet. There is this one girl we work with that has insecurity issues. Big ones. In fact, she puts other people down (in the name of "just kidding!" and "I know you can take the joke!") daily in an effort I think to make herself feel better. It's really sad actually, and I feel bad that she feels that way about herself and mostly just ignore her jests, however rude and uncalled for they might be. (but don't ask me about the nasty comment she made about my mom at the end of the last school year, I almost decked her) But it's a little harder when you are in a car for an extended period of time to just shrug her off. By the end of the day we we were all ready to ensure that she doesn't make it to her 30th birthday (she's 28 but is very immature).. or tomorrow for that matter.

3. Tomorrow is Friday. Glorious Friday. And next week starts the craziness that is the end of the year. Our month at school goes like this: next week: 4 days (conferences Friday), week 2: 4 days (Veteran's Day Friday) week 3: whole week, week 4: 2 days (Thanksgiving break) and then we are into December and heck, pretty much the whole month is a wash. Between the 5 weeks of testing we've done since school started, it's amazing that the kids are learning anything this year. Talk about frustrating. Although, don't begrudge me being happy, joyous even, about all those upcoming days off. I need a vacation.

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