Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot.....

Things not to do when it's 105 with the heat index and the dew point is at 75 deg.:

1. Go blueberry picking. Y'all.. this wasn't my idea. This was a pre-planned summer school field trip gone horribly wrong. Actually, it wasn't too bad when we got there, nor was it awful when we picked. It was after we were done and playing on the swings/sandbox/etc before we left. Hot. We did have a good time. I made freezer jam with my berries, and froze the rest. I still have a tub full of berries from this weekend that I need to bake with (too effing hot) and make jam but I'm out of freezer jars. I love blueberry picking. I find it very calm and relaxing.

2. Have steel drum rehearsal. We have a gig Saturday night, and another one Tuesday night. Normally we get together and play on Wednesdays. Our room we play in is hot. Last week we sweat like cheap... you get the idea. This Wed. we aren't even playing. Besides the drums are still loaded in the trailer and no one feels an urge to get them out. Ok by me.

3. Go to the county fair. Y'all... it should've been a good idea. We always go on opening day. It's cheaper to get in, you can ride all the rides for 4 hours for 8 bucks, and it's not as mobbed as the weekend days. We decided to go last night instead of the afternoon because once the sun went down we thought it would be cooler. We got there, watched the steer pull (which is always fascinating), and it was cool. Not cool.. cooler. Breezy. Not unbearable. Until the sun set, as the kids hit the midway.. and the air stopped moving. The breeze.. yah it left us high and dry. It was like standing in a sauna.

4. Walk to the town pond. One of our boys is supposed to be at camp this week. It wasn't working for him so he comes to school for sensory stuff and yoga, and then heads over to the summer rec. area. Where my kids haven't' been going this week so that they can spend time with grandma and it's too damn hot. Well, today we didn't have the van to take him. And there's some BS rule about personal vehicles on school time (shhhhhh don't tell that's how he's getting back this afternoon) so we walked over. Half a mile. And we did take the back-way which is along the old railroad tracks. But OH.MY.GAWD. It was miserable.

Y'all know I like the hot. I hate to be cold, and I love summer. It's 84.0 in this part of the house, 82 degrees upstairs, and 86.6 in the other part of my house where the kitchen/family room is. And I've had the house shut up to keep the cool out. Y'all... I feel like I'm in an oven. Except outside is worse. So I'm off to keep from melting. Stay cool! This is supposed to be the last day.

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tspwlv said...

It always cracks me up when you do this. Where do you get the info?