Thursday, August 03, 2006

They're Coming to Take me Away HAHA....

There is something about heat that short circuits things in your brain. You know, one minute you are a sane rational person, the next minute you are a raving lunatic. Snapping at things that on a normal, more cooler day, wouldn't ruffle you too much. Things like kids bickering, or spitting at each other.. or mothers who nag, nag, nag.. push, push, push.

It hasn't been a bad week with my mother. Much better than last year. Much shorter, and did I mention that I work until 1pm every day? The thing about mom... is that she doesn't know when to quit. She starts in on something, or an idea she has for your room, kids.. etc etc... and then that's all she talks about until she breaks you down. I hate that. She's also recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (sp?) and a battery of other things, and that's ALL she talks/complains about. Ya'll.. it's been up over a hundred degrees this week. I'm hot. Work has been hot and hard. I'm tired. And to top all that off.. my calendar says we'll be entering that "leave mom alone for a few days cuz she's gonna be rotten and pissy" time.

Got a cold one to share?

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Carly said...

oh yes... I had my kid's IEP today. I cried all the way back to work. She was actually in the 0.9 percentile on one thing... I will type it up and send to you tomorrow for some advise... :-(