Friday, August 04, 2006


Fabulous Google Searches that lead people to my site: (ya'll.. this cracks me up!) The links lead to the entry that google references. I'll give you the top 5. And then I'll tell you my favorites.

1. Hebrew, House of God. Ya'll.. I'm on page one if you do a search for this. I'm not Hebrew, but I do have a house and I also go to church. Our church was supposed to close this year, but alas we've been given a 2nd chance. They say we'll stay open.. I give it 2 years.

2. Carpanter Ants. Ya'll.. number 4 on the first page here. That cracks me up! So much amusement from such a simple sitemap. Our war against the carpanter ants seems to be over. I do seem them out in the yard.. but that's ok. Ants belong in the yard. Not my house.

3. Weird Science Song. Now I'm sure I have never posted about the weird science song, nor the movie. But you do remember our microwave fun the last week of school. I looked at the first 10 pages, and didn't see myself so I don't know exactly what people are searching for that they didn't find on the first 10 pages and ended up at my site. I haven't watched that movie in over 10 years. Good times.

4. I don't want to work I want to bang on the drums all day. Well , who the heck wouldn't? I play in two groups now. One group I play a chromatic lead. (that's the drum that plays the melody of the song.) In the other group, I play a set of tennor bass drums. That's 6 big drums that look like barrels. That second group does a lot of gigs and public playing. We have a lot of fun. In September we're all skipping school (it's a staff group.. 2 different schools) and going to play at the Big E. What fun will that be?

5. What is Buletien board. I am the first hit that comes up for this. Which is sad, because in said post, I mis-spelled bulletin, and that is why it comes up in the first place. I feel like I should go fix that blaring typo.. but ya'll.. the first hit. I'll have to think on this a big. Ok, I did it. You know I have OCD tendencies. Because I use Mozilla the stupid spell-check doesn't work. Ever.

OK, these are the searches that crack me up:

1. right knee scrap. Umm... hello?? What is a right knee scrap? What exactly would you be searching for with this? A scrap of a knee? What to do when the cartilage in your knee is nothing but a scrap, and you are years overdue for surgery? (don't come here, I'll tell you to keep putting off. So far so good.) I have bloged about my right knee. How it takes the brunt of my issue with my hip, and how it hurts when the barometric preasure is a'changing.

the other one, is a search for Old Dunn Cow. 5th on the first page for this one. It's not a secret that I love Celtic music.. and this is one of my favorite songs by the Bards. This and Whiskey in the Jar. Love them. You should check em out!

*mom is leaving tomorrow. Maybe then I can blog about what I came home to today after work. I might need another beer first. (sigh)

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