Monday, August 07, 2006

In Which We Find Monday.....

One. One glorious last day of summer school. Ah-ah-ahhh. Remember the guy from Seseme Street that used to count out loud?? Ya'll.. tomorrow is my last day of summer school. I am so relieved I could cry. This has been one crazy arse summer. I've been going mock ten for so long now, I don't think I remember how to relax.

(I should add here, that I am blogging during a thunder storm.. a doozy it would seem as I'm losing my satellite signal and that's never happened in all the time we've had satellite. I love wireless technology.I love more that it feels a LOT cooler coming in the window.)

I painted the last coat of paint onto my porch on Sunday. The final coat of floor paint. I have to stay off of it for 72 hours, but we're leaving Thursday to go camping, so I consider it closed until we get back. I'll post photos of it for you next week. Overall I'm quite happy with the results. It was supposed to be a quick weekend project. Because the boy persisted (or nagged, call it how you want), we did more than I had originally planned and the end results are great. I should add, that the color isn't quite what I had envisioned when I started. None of the colors (all three of them) match the swatch cards.. although during certain parts of the day under certain types of light they all do. But that's ok. They work with each other and I'm quite pleased.
In keeping with time honored tradition, I am planning my yarn projects for our camping trip. Our last trip was a complete wash, and I never got my knitting out.. so I am leaving the prayer shawl for MIL at home. They boy says it always rained when he camped, and so maybe it was her.. and therefore.. why jinx it? Right? She's recovering quite well, thanks for asking.
I am about half an inch away from being done the leg on sock number 2. Then comes the heel, the foot and the toe.. and people we will have a pair! I intend to be finished these socks before school starts. I had planned on 2 pairs done before then, but you know how it goes. Work and such things getting in the way.
This lovely yarn (that I got sooooooo cheap at Micheal's of all places) is going to become a sweater for my nephew to be named at a later date. I will use my beloved pattern, and the nice thing about it is that it will work up fast an effortlessly. The hardest part will be deciding on the buttons. I'm not a huge fan of Red Heart yarn to be honest. It's good for what it is.. but not baby sweaters. This "Soft" yarn though.. oh boy. My SIL might be snotty, and all that.. but I know she's not going to take the time to handwash my knit gifts. I ordered some Plymouth Encore that should be here any day now (hopefully before we leave) and an 8 hour knit blanket pattern, and will take that along as well. I fully intend to have a photo of a finished baby afghan to show you when I come home.
And last but not least, because I plan to relax and enjoy my camping trip.. if all else gets a. finished or b. boring.. this lovely tidbit is a swatch for a shawl I am test crocheting. I can't give you any more details.. but when the time comes.. ohhhhhhhh watch out. It is gorgeous and I have visions of it in white for my other SIL's some day wedding (I can dream for her can't I?). I promise that as soon as I am able I will share it with you. In the meantime.. the yarn is TLC Cotton Plus in Salsa. It's really a bit redder than the photo shows and not so shiny looking. I got gauge dead on.. stitch and row, which is nothing short of miraculous.. on the first try with the recommended hook. Now I should note that the pattern calls for sport weight and I am using worsted.. but I find the TLC Cotton Plus to be lighter than worsted which is why I gave it a try in the first place.

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