Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some Random Whining

Isn't that a cute photo? Click on it to see the full effect.. but there are little birdies lined up all along the posts of my fence. So cute. I looked out there the other day and saw them just hanging out.. only to find out the boy had already seen them and snapped a few shots. He's coming along so well with his photography skills. With any sort of luck, that fence will be replaced this fall and I'll have you a brand spanking new fence shot, with the major difference being that stump will be gone and it will be white and not rickety. My garland and lights are going to rock on that new fence! I can't wait really. The only downside is it won't stick out in a snow.. which I always loved about it. That and it's old worn look.

I cropped the top of my hedges out because 1. you don't need to see the parsonage in the photo (did we talk about how Ned Flanders moved and now Don Johnson has moved in?) and 2. my hedges are overdue for a trim (that was on last weeks agenda before I got hurt) and it depresses me to see them out there all ratty and overgrown.

I have some major self-pity thing going on today. It starts in the morning when I wake up and the first thing that crosses my mind is OMG they hurt (ankle/foot), how am I going to manage today? Then we move through the whole morning stiffness thing and putting on 2 different types of braces and get on with our day. Overall I should be grateful. The swelling in my foot has gone down a LOT, and other than the site of injury that still has a large knot like area and some major ugly bruising.. my foot is much better. It hurts in the morning, and at night and it hurts if anything pushes against/touches that knot area.. but other than some pain/tightness when I go to move it certain ways it's considerably better. So long as I take Advil every 4 hours.
My cranky ankle is a whole other story.. and I have a feeling this one is going to be a problem for a lot longer. Which means I can walk much better than last week, but slow and with pain (my version of slow is diff. than most peoples and so I'm probably still walking faster than I should be) and stairs are very difficult. In my delusional mind, I thought so long as my foot got better school would be manageable but man am I thinking otherwise. We have been walking down to school and back after dinner. It's as far as he'll let me walk, and I figure I might as well get used to it. Our sidewalk down the street is in dire need of repairs and difficult to navigate on a good day. That and working on the third floor is what will do me in.

So today I feel whiny about it. I'm frustrated that I can't mow my lawn, or trim my hedges, or go rollerblading with my daughter, or even go get a load of laundry to put in the washer without difficulty. This is not how I wanted to spend my 2 weeks before school started. We are supposed to be drumming at the beach this weekend, and I had to be an adult and suck it up and pass on playing. Sure, I could've pushed through the pain, and hoped that I could move and turn and play those drums without pivoting and wrenching my ankle more. But school starts Monday...(for staff) and I can't afford to go backwards in my recovery. So no drums at the beach. One of my brothers was going to come out and we were going to take a short hike up Gap Mountain and play horseshoes and then watch a movie.. and I can't hike. I don't know that I can play horseshoes only because I bend my knee when I throw.

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for not being hurt more. I'm grateful that nothing broke. I'm thankful that I've had a chance to rest and be able to be home and help my recovery along. But gawd am I tired of the pain and limited mobility. I just want it to be better.

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