Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Told You So.. and other cliches

First things first. I took this photo this morning from my driveway. I was getting ready to leave to go do errands (alone) and this was the view across the street. Under those clouds live our mountains, but you can't see it. I thought it looked cool.

I should've just done errands and called it a day. That's a lot of time up on your feet. But school starts Monday (for staff) and I need to get used to being on my feet for hours at a time.

So I came back, put the stuff away, had lunch.. and mowed the lawn. Mowing is easy. Back and forth with the mower, we really have no hills.. just some slopes. Usually takes about an hour and half.... today it took 2. But I did stop half way and pot some mum's. I needed a break. Mowing was hard. Probably I shouldn't have done it. But it didn't get done last week and the grass was getting long. And I want to trim the hedges next weekend and figured it would be a good test.

Suffer the Fool. Boy, is my ankle sore tonight. This is the first day I haven't been taking Advil/Motrin every 4 hours though too.. so that might be part of it. Mostly I was feeling bad. I was supposed to be at the beach today. Playing at Hampton.. at the half shell for the American Lung Associations 5k walk. Supposed to be watching my kids play in the sand and then going for fried dough. So instead, I mowed my lawn. Listened to my iPod and sulked my way around each side of the house.. happy to be outside instead of inside with people who would pester me with a thousand questions, most sounding like, "What's wrong?" or some variant of.

Tonight I'm going to read. Maybe knit a little. Watch some TV. And tommorow is a new day.

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