Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Haven't Got Time For the Pain.....

Ya'll. I am throwing in the towel. I try and I try, and sometimes I just can't win. Do you remember last month when I had an unfortunate fall in my backyard? FFWD to yesterday. Just about exactly one month later. I was standing in my kitchen getting ready to make lunch, when I remembered that I was going to fill my bird feeders. (don't ask, my mind is a mystery in and of itself) I've been meaning to do it since Sunday when we got home and I kept forgetting. So I thought I would do it while I was thinking of it. I went outside, grabbed the yogurt cup I keep in the pain for filling the feeders and went and filled the one next to the bird house. I think the baby birds have left as I haven't seen the birds in a while.

Now normally, I'd open the porch door, drag the pail over and be on my way. But you'll remember that I just painted my porch. And I didn't want to scratch up the floor. So I stepped up onto my porch, got the pail, and left. I walked down the step.. onto the walk, and as I was walking into the yard, I fell. Now I've given this a LOT of thought since then, esp. in the hours I lay in the ER waiting for my x-rays.. and I've come to the conclusion that my right leg has just given out both times. I didn't trip. I didn't land wrong on my foot. My leg just let go. Maybe it was my bad knee that didn't function, I don't know. But I fell. Again.

On the way down, I heard a horrible pop come from my right ankle. And then to add insult to injury, my left foot folded under itself as I landed. So there I am in my yard, on the grass thankfully, on my knees with my head down (child's pose if you do yoga) in horrible pain. And no one is home. And my cell is in the house. And my neighbor is gone for the day. And I'm trying to figure out how the hell I am going to stand up, because I'm sure that I'm not going to be able to put any weight on my right ankle. I go to stand, and bear my weight on my left foot, when I notice a huge purple egg on the side of the top of my foot. And guess what, I can't bend it under to push off of. So I sat there for a few minutes. I scooped up as much of the birdseed as I could back into the pail. (that bright spot is all the seed I missed) And then I figured it was do or die. I had to get in the house because I couldn't sit in the yard all day. I pushed my way up, hobbled in and called the boy at work. That was the most painful walk I have ever taken in my life.

After 2 hours in the ER (not bad, they weren't busy at all yesterday afternoon) it turns out that thankfully nothing is broken, but I have badly sprained both my left foot, and my right ankle. Think about the logistics of that for a while, and you'll realize why I quit. Thank God summer school ended last week. And we have 2 weeks until school starts. I am praying that one of these heals quickly and I will be able to move a little faster because don't you know I am working on the third floor this year. The ER nurse practitioner that I saw said to keep off it as much as I can for a week (she's funny) and don't expect either one to feel better anytime soon. (sigh). Also she wants me to follow up with my Dr. and resume physical therapy. Thinks this hip issue I have is the root of my problems and my high arches. Whatever. I didn't tell her that for a few months now I've been dropping things for no reason either.. will have that conversation with my own doctor.

So here we are. I had planned to trim my hedges today. I don't think I'll be mowing my lawn Friday. And on top of all that, I can't play my steel drums. We have rehearsal tonight, a gig Saturday and we're supposed to be playing at the beach on the 26th. I've cancelled through Saturday and am hoping that I can play at the beach but as of right now I'm not holding my breath. That would entail several hours of standing, and being able to pivot on my feet to play those 6 drums and I don't know if I'll be up to it. So for today, I'm going to ice, and rest, and keep my stupid feet up. I will work on the secret shawl (I am aiming to be done that by the weekend) and do some knitting on "nephew to be named at a later date"'s blanket. I started it while we were camping. I am using Plymouth Encore worsted in Lemon and Lime and size 13 needles. Plain vanilla knitting my friends. Fabulous results.

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KathyMarie said...

Oh my god, you deserve chocolate, rest, knitting, chocolate, and rest. Healing thoughts to you.

A sign from the universe to slow down? I hope whatever is wrong with your hip gets better.