Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In Which We Find a Few Things...

Ya'll. It's been SUCH a LONG week. (groans) Yes, I know. It's only Tuesday. I don't know how that is possible. But the light at the end of the tunnel.. is a 3 day weekend. Oh how I love a 3 day weekend. The only thing that beats a 3 day weekend, is a 4 or 5 day weekend, and we have one of each in November. Yeah for days off.

Been a bit of a hectic week on all fronts. Got some fall cleaning done Sunday. One room down (and it's the 2nd smallest.. sigh).. 12 more to go. I love my house. I hate to clean it top to bottom. Feels good though to have one room "done." Yesterday we had a fire at school. Seems that some groups of people shouldn't be allowed to have toaster ovens.. and umm... our staff is in that group. At least the toaster was in use this time.. but still. The kids all eyerolled when they heard it was a fire in the toaster oven. We've been through this already. I could hear their brains, "OMG, these idiot teachers can't even work a toaster oven?"

Today was picture day. I hate having my picture taken. I really dislike the photographer they get to come to our school and do photos. We had a different guy once, and he was great. This guy that shows up most years.. dry as a dust bowl. He has a block for you to sit on, and I asked, which way do you want me to sit? And he says. "Down." Umm.. no kidding Einstein? But not in a good humored manner.. in a condescending tone.. hate that. And he's like that with the kids too. I don't think he really enjoys his job. I am never impressed with him one bit. And he doesn't really care how the kids look in their photos either. As an ex-portrait studio employee, this bugs the crap out of me. Parents pay good money for school pictures.. the least he could do is be friendly with the kids. (puts soap box away)

Took Ms. Thang to get our hair cut last night. We were 8 weeks from our last.. and I didn't want to go out in the rain Sunday and neither did she. We had our first hair/clothes/shoe fights these past few days. I miss the days when I could just buy her whatever, and she loved it. Now she's all "That's so ugly!" and "But I want to have my hair shorter than my ears!" Yah. Not. So we "compromised" and went shorter than she had it but longer than she wanted it, and in the end I got my way and she thinks she had a say in the matter. (sigh.) I'm not ready for this turmoil.

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