Saturday, June 02, 2007


Ya'll.... I'm tired. The kind of tired that creeps into your body and drags you down until you feel about useless tired. We're heading into the home stretch at school, and then it will be time to rest and rejuvenate. (no one better mention the yard work, painting, spring cleaning that won't get done until summer or mom's visit until tomorrow. I need to believe in the rest and relaxation dream TONIGHT.)

It was a busy week at Chez Dust Bunnies Galore. On top of meetings and general business, the kids participated in the District Band Show. Students from 3 of the Districts 6 towns spend the afternoon practicing together and then put on a show in the evening. It's always a good time (even if it's hot) and they did a great job. This is the only year my kids will play in band together until they are both in HS (assuming they are both still in band). She plays the clarinet, and he plays the trumpet. They did a great job and I am proud of them both. (I am proud of me too, I bought Ms. Thang her first pair of heels (kitten but still!) and a little black dress to match).

Speeking of being proud, I started painting her bedroom tonight after school. What the heck was I thinking. It was dark, due to a thunderstorm outside, and having to take down the ceiling light to paint, but I managed to get one coat of the ceiling finished. I had hoped to do them both, but with the 4 hour dry time, I feel asleep around the time it was ready for coat 2. (see above about being dog tired). Probably it's for the best, and I'll do the second coat in the morning. I'm hoping to at least have the ceiling and walls done this weekend. Then it's all trim work. We discussed sanding and refinishing her floor while we have the room apart, but I'm not sure if we'll get to that this time around.

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tspwlv said...

Oooo, can't wait to see paint pictures. She must be so excited.