Saturday, April 09, 2005

Aging, Grilling and the Sox

Today we went to visit Mr. DH's grandmother and her sister. She's fairly well along in age, and we haven't seen them since Christmas time. His Aunt and Uncle came also, and his parents and siblings and some of their sig. others. Overall it was a nice afternoon.

I can't help but think everytime that we leave, that this might be the last time we see them. And it makes me sad to think that, but I also know it's a reality. It's the same with my grandparents. They are all about the same age, which is old and frail. My children don't remember anyone in thier lives dying. Our grandparents will probably be the first. That idea makes me sad.

On a brighter note, we hauled the grill out of the barn tonight, and as we speak himself is out there grilling up some nice burgers for dinner. We don't have burgers all winter long, because I hate them broiled, but ooh baby, get them out over that open flame and I'm in heaven. Being the great north, I'm sure we're in for one last snow (we get one every april) but for now I can dream that warmer weather is on it's way and soon I can dig out my flip flops.

A big kudos to my friend Carly (see link to her blog in my favs) for this little tid bit:

Just remember.. last year, we kicked your asses!

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Carly said...

Oh, it's all in good fun (we beatcha already this year right? mmmmyeah)

I know just what you mean about losing family members.

My mother and father in law just lost his last cousin. So they are really the only ones left in their generation in the family tree. Their siblings, their first cousins who were as close as siblings, all gone.