Friday, April 22, 2005


Is it too much to expect people to give you an honest answer when you ask them a question?

Like when someone asks you with genuine concern how you are, and you kind of just give them a flip off the cuff "I'm fine" even though you know they are looking for more than that. That makes me want to smack my head against a wall until it explodes. If I didn't really care, I wouldn't bother asking. If you are tired of me asking, too damn bad. You don't get to decide how much I get to care about you.

Or if you ask someone a question and they know that you really won't like the honest answer, so they don't give it to you. And then you find out later.. that they lied "because they didn't want to upset you." Am I the only one who feels like the scum at the bottom of the pond when that happens?

How hard is it just to be honest with people. Maybe I'm just an idea that happened before my time.

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