Thursday, April 21, 2005

We have Lift-Off

Well, himself called up the people my Apple originally came from and bitched about how unhappy he's been with it since we first got it and blah blah blah (his job contracts with them so they kiss his ass constantly) and asked him what they could do to make the situation better.

I am the proud owner of a HP Compaq nx9600-also know as the Armada. I won't tell you how much this thing kicks ass, and then there's the screen... oooh boy. But I miss my Mac. Mac's are polar opposites of PC's, and once you've used one, it takes a while to re-learn a PC. What, you mean I can right click again?

So we have a new Pope. And he's not Italian. I'm surprised. The DH thought for sure it would be an African.. but alas, he's an old German. In bad health. Who suspects his reign will be short. (sigh) I dunno, we'll watch and see how it goes I guess.

We have 2 more full school days until spring break. A whole glorious week with no children. And when we get back we only have 7 more weeks and school is over. Except the kids know that too.. and work goes downhill once we get back in May. I only wish we'd have the weather we have had the past few days. Can't complain about 80 in April.

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