Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Save some daylight for me dammit!

I hate daylight savings. Hate it with a fierce passion. I feel like I go to bed too late, I get up too damn early, and I'm tired. I'm happy spring is here, I love the warmer weather.. granted I could do without the mud.. but lord almighty, why do we mess with the clocks?

It puts me in a bad mood for a week. What? I was in a bad mood last week too? I know.. what the hell? I think it's old age, or too much winter, not enough chocolate, or some freak hormonal imbalance (someone at school thinks it might be early menopause, wtf?). Whatever it is.. I'm cranky. Some days, I don't even like myself. I don't know how the man puts up with me.

And why the hell are we saving daylight anyhow? It's not like we can pull the reserves in the dead of winter when it's been gray and dreary for 100 days straight in the great north... where's the daylight then? Huh huh huh??? So, that said.. I can't wait for Friday. No school and yoga after dinner. The girls are thinking of trying out the new martini bar after yoga. I don't know if I am up to that kind of excitment but at least I'll be relaxed. Unless some miserable wretch messes with the clocks again. Think I'll move to Arizona. They have their heads on straight there.

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