Monday, April 25, 2005

She's still preoccupied.. with 19xx

So it's spring vacation. A whole week off from school. And, in the spirit of Spring vacation, it's raining. It started Friday night on the way home from yoga. Fitting if you ask me, and it really hasn't stopped much since. After a long drab grey winter, this isn't what I need.

So, I decided to tackle some more of my spring cleaning list. Except I don't really feel that hot, I think I'm coming down with some cold my daughter's been fighting. Mix in some cleaning fumes and it's a rather lethal combo.

So there I am in the upstairs bathroom, scrubbing walls, and the radio in my bedroom starts belting out an old Journey tune. (it's a top 40 station, that doesn't play anything new) And I swear it was like a time warp sucked me right off the top floor and dumped me back in HS.

So for the 3 minutes that is the song, I daydreamed about HS, and old friends and hard times.. and when the song was over I was standing there with my rag wondering what the hell I was doing.

And I swear, I didn't take anything today but 2 Advil.

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