Friday, August 19, 2005

5 Things I've been Procrastinating On:

In no particular order

#1. This isn't so much ME that is procrastinating, it's him. We got the front part finished, and now we just need to do this little back section. It's mostly straight, no funky windows and doors to work around (it's totally wrapped in Tyvek now) and you'd think after the mayhem of the front part, we'd be excited to finish. The problem is we need 2 twelve foot boards to frame the section first. He works 5 mins. down the street from Home Depot. Why is it that 6 days have gone by and we've done ZERO work on the house? Good ole Yankee "oh I'll get around to it"-iveness. That's why. We'll probably start this weekend. School starts soon and I'll have no time to paint.

Speaking of school.

#2. My summer school project. I'm halfway done. I've been halfway done. Why can't I just finish and be done with it? It's a major mental block. The trap of "Oh, I have plenty of time." Umm, no dingy, you don't. You have apx. 9 days.. nine.. .N I N E. Can you hear me now? Good. I will work on it this weekend. Really I will. I will leave my laptop on my desk, and drag my books out to the coffee table, and I will work. Hard. With beer. It will be done... soon.

#3. My little neighbor across the street turned one in July. I started knitting her
This Cute little darn dress . Isn't it just the sweetest thing ever? I can't wait to see her in it cuz she is so stinking adorable that it shouldn't even be allowed. I am half done. (are you noticing a theme here, cuz I surely am). Why can't I just pick up those needles and finish it? Part of me is slightly afraid I'm going to finish the front, and the two pieces aren't going to match up right and I'm going to cry. I hate things that are worked in pieces. Next time I make this, I'm going to allow for more yarn and make it one piece. Cuz I will make it again. Soon as I get this one finished.. someday. Needless to say it wasn't ready for her birthday. And umm, she's a whole month older now. Right.

#4. My recipes. I've been in the process of putting my recipes into new books and a recipe box. It's gone pretty well so far.. but I'm not finished. Why? Who the heck only knows. I pull it out on occasion and I've made good progress. But it gets boring after a while and I put it away. If I pulled it out more often, I'd totally be done by now. It shouldn't take a year and a half to work on recipes. Don't even get me going on the folder of recipes I want to try out. Most of them are yummy desert kinds, and those aren't good for you, so they are waiting. For umm.. I dunno. Christmas.

#5. I know there has to be a number five. I do make it a point to try NOT to put stuff off... but I'm hard pressed to think of something to put here for five. Maybe it's just that I'm so good.. I'm only putting off four things. I'm more of a get it done and over type. I'm married to a "I'll do it tomorrow" type. We keep each other in check . It's all good.


Angie said...

The little dress is so cute. I can't wait until you get it finished either. It'll look so cute on her.

I HATE it when the "man" is the one holding things off. Makes me so mad.

OneScrappyChick said...

I totally plan to post a picture of her in it when it's done.. sooon(I hope lol)