Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weird Science

As I have previously posted, Miss Thang had a birthday last month. One of my SIL's was missing from the festivities and finally saw her this weekend and delivered her gift. It's a Spa Science kit, that is right up Miss Thang's ally. She is about as girly as you get (check out that photo and pay attention to her right arm, you can click any of my photos in my blog and see them bigger) and loved the idea of the "spa" theme.

Tonight we did Oatmeal Honey face masks. You mix 3 TB of oats (not ground) with two TB of honey and stir well in a bowl. Wash your face and then hold a warm wash cloth over it for about 10 seconds, apply mask and lounge about for 10 mins, rinse well. (and I mean well..honey is a bit of a bear to remove.)

We chose to lounge about on the porch. It is a mere coincidence that we are both wearing pink, as she loves pink and I only have these 2 pink items in my whole wardrobe. But I think it's a bit of a riot. She insisted we keep our eyes closed and the boy snuck up on us and snapped our photo. What does a grown man understand about girly rituals anyhow?

She has decided that each day this week we will do something different. Tomorrow it's our feet. Seeing as this is my last week of vacation, because school starts up next week, I think it sounds like a great idea. We have avacado-oatmeal clay masques planned for Wednesday, and fizzy bath bombs to make tomorrow so she can lounge about in a fizzy bath before bed. Regardless of how silly we looked, we haven't laughed like that in a good while. Perfect way to end the summer.

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Angie said...

OH what fun!
I LOVE that picture.

I love doing masks and stuff too.