Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In which we have some rambles and wonderings and what-not

There are 137 days until Christmas. That hardly seems we just celebrated Christmas, so I'm just going to pretend that it's not coming. Ignore that I've already stashed some gifts away, and thought of ideas for some others. And forget that next week, when hopefully it will be cooler, I will be up in my storage area cleaning up..which ultimately means having a look at my Christmas decor and taking stock of what I have/need. Nope.. not celebrating this year. Besides, who has time to think about Christmas with school starting so soon and all.

Yesterday I spent the better part of an hour (granted, my electricity was shut off so they could replace the cables running to my meter) watching them assemble Ned Flander's house. If you've never seen a house travel through the air, hoisted up half a time by a crane and dropped on a foundation and then had the roof raised, it's pretty fascinating stuff. And the shirtless bodies doing the work didn't hurt the situation at all either.
Nope nope nope. But of course, this being a parsonage and all... the elders from this church feel this excessive need to drive down my street 400 times a day to check the progress. Yesterday a bunch of them brought chairs and camped out across the street to watch the house be assembled. And then a caravan of them arrived last night when I was putting dd to bed, and hoofed it up a 5 gallon bucket (cuz there are no stairs yet) to check out the inside. I might recommend to the Minister that he gets locks ASAP. I know I wouldn't want all these people tromping through my house all willy-nilly. How rude.

Today in honor of mid 90 degree heat with all the humidity you'd ever want tossed in, my friend and I are taking the kids to the lake. I love the lake. Somewhere in the archives there is a photo of the lake taken I think In July. While I am at the lake, I will forget that today is day 30, and we are late. It's not the first day 30 we've been late... and I'm sure it won't be the last. But it is however the first day 30 we've had since they declared us a "go" for throwing all caution to the wind, with no adverse results. Although Dr. Goodnews did say "If it happens, don't go blaming me." And we have had a few, though not many day 30's with no indication whatsoever that things were coming, even if they were quite late. It's just a bit hair raising and so of course, I am a bit nervous. Because, matter of fact.. I'm too damn old for this.

So I will bring my sock to knit, and maybe even my swimsuit, and my sunscreen and have a great time. And think about how my anniversary is this weekend, and how they did such a nice job on my teeth at the dentist yesterday, and ignore the fact that my friend Abby, who's youngest is as old as my oldest, just found out that she is preggers. I mean.. the gods aren't THAT crazy now are they?!?!

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