Thursday, August 04, 2005

This means WAR

I'm mostly a sane person. You can ask anyone. "Oh that Beth, she's one of those goody-goody's..wouldn't hurt a fly...".

My patience is being pushed right to the bitter edge of insanity. Do you see this photo? There are three bird feeders hanging from that tree. For FEEDING BIRDS. I like birds. I like to do my part to ensure that little birdies don't starve during the winter. And the rest of the year I enjoy seeing which kind of birds come visit my yard.

You'll notice in this photo that there are pigeons. Pigeons are the bane of my very existence. I hate pigeons. Pigeons aren't birds. They aren't even a vital part of the food chain. I mean, what animal do you know about that feeds on pigeons? None. I don't know what God was thinking when he had the Pigeon idea..but the joke's on us.

You'll also notice Squirrel's. Up until today, there was only one. Currently one is on the ground, and the other is sitting on top of the bird feeder, hanging upside down enjoying the seed that I bought for the BIRDS.

My dog, who is part Irish Setter (read BIRD DOG).. just stands at the window and watches all this. If she was a good dog, she would bark, and scare all those bastids away so that my little birdy friends could come back and enjoy their breakfast. Alas, she does not. So I am forced to resort to loud clapping that scares them away, but they always come back.

I also have a cat. A cat who kills all manner of mice and leaves their half eaten bodies lying around the yard as prizes.. and who loves to lie in stalk and wait for the little birdies to come eat... but IGNORES the pigeons and the squirrel's. It's a plot I tell you.. let's see how mad we can make that woman before she cracks.

Someone else in my house who shall not be named has taken to stealthily sneak around the house with the sling shot. And while I normally would be appalled at this behavior..I hate the pigeons, and the damn squirrel's are right up there on my list too... and I turn a blind eye.

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