Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Five-Playground 8/5

Our last (LAST) fundraiser for the new playground.. a BBQ/Softball game between the Fire Dept. and the Police Dept.

5 reasons why I'm happy today, that have to do with the playground

1. Today I found out that due to a final gift donation, we have raised enough money to order our new playground and it will be arriving in appx. 6 weeks.

2. After Fundrasing for 2 (3?) years this seems like almost a near miracle. Words fail to describe the joy of NO MORE FUNDRAISING.

3. Our kids have waited so patiently for this (they are kids, they wanted their playground 2 weeks after we announced plans to replace the old one) and I cannot wait for the first day of school when we announce it.


5. I'm happy for the kids, they deserve to have a safe place to play.. and has nothing to do with NO MORE FUNDRAISING.

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