Friday, August 26, 2005

Five Things I Found in my Desk

So I cleaned out all the nooks and crannies in my desk today. Here's 5 of the most interesting things I found:

1. A spare battery for a laptop I no longer own. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, that laptop is buried in the closet of the boy's batcave (what I fondly refer to his office as). He gave me that spare battery the day I got my laptop. I never used it one time.

2. A neon pink "stress ball" that my MIL gave me for Christmas. Do you think she was trying to hint at something? Both the kids got one, but the boy did not. I have pondered this since that very day.. and come up with nothing. However, that stress ball has been in my desk for almost 9 months. It's reached gestation, and has been relocated to the free table box.

3. Special printer paper for printing photos and business cards. I've never owned a business card in my life, and I haven't had a printer on my desk in about 2 years. Our printers reside in the batcave. I have relocated this stuff to the chair in the batcave for the boy to deal with when he gets home. It's all about delegating baby.

4. A little strip of paper that is colored with crayon and on one side says I love you in crayon, and on the other side says I love you in pencil. I kept this. My daughter has a crush on a fine young man in the grade below her. They wrote this note to each other and I found it in her pocket when I was doing the laundry. I kept it in my coat pocket all last year, and when I was having a bad day at school would pull it out. I finally told her I have it and she turned bright red. I didn't give it back because I know she'd just get rid of it. I never will.

5. A bright blue Jelly Belly. This was in my deep desk drawer. My MIL gave me a Jelly Belly dispenser (it looks like a gumball machine) for Christmas. Jelly Belly's are my weakness... and now that I have no more beans I have put it away.. Jelly Belly's aren't good for my girlish figure. So I figured that Jelly Bean has been there since January. 5 seconds.. 8's all good right?

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