Monday, December 11, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things...

My parents got married in June of a long time ago. When their first Christmas rolled around, my mom and my aunt went to some department store, and went nuts buying all kinds of ornaments for the tree. There was a definite gold theme (think gold and metal.. tacky).. and as more ornaments were purchased later on, my mom made sure they would work with the gold.

I don't know when exactly she purchased these glass balls.. but I never knew a tree without them. I always thought they were by far the prettiest ornaments on the tree. There used to be a whole lot more, but over the years they fell off the tree and were broken. When my parents got divorced, mom asked if there was anything I wanted. My list was quite short. My Nana's trunk, the old family photos, and these ornaments.

A few of them hang on the tree in my front room. Maybe 5, and I think 3 of those are blue. The rest (that you see here) sit in that glass bowl in my dining room every year. I took off the metal hangers, and love them just sitting there so pretty and glimmery... almost more beautiful than when they glimmer in the white lights of the tree. A bit of Christmas past that I have taken and made part of Christmas present.

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