Thursday, December 07, 2006

In Which We Find a Few Mental Health Days

I have ten more school days until winter vacation. That's two hands worth people. You math savvy types might be thinking I have 11 days.. but that is not the case. See, sometimes people who live in your household go and get themselves hurt real bad, and you have to stay home and take care of them. Sometimes, the gods smile down on you when you are having a really crappy year, and let you have a few surprise days off.. especially when things are the crappiest.

Mr. Man went to the Dr. today and had some x-rays. Looks like nothing is broken, but their might be a fracture (small).. and it might just be a first degree sprain. Or who the heck knows. I wasn't given a definite answer. But he got an aircast and asked if he could stay home tomorrow (his class is on the 3rd floor).. and who am I to begrudge him of some healing time? I might have done a little dance in my kitchen this morning when I was baking.. but shhhhh. Don't tell.

Speaking of cookies... I have a little story. I was on a roll. Laundry going, house is picked up... dog is sleeping on her gi-normous dog pillow... Mr. Man is off playing the computer with ice on his ankle. I am in the kitchen baking snicker doodles. I use a recipe I got from my mom, but I think part of the recipe has been mis-coppied as my Google search shows I am missing an ingredient I know I've used before. Anyhow.. I'm making the cookies, and they come out of the oven flat as a board. And I know something isn't right.. but I can't put my finger on it. I finish, still bothered by the flat cookies and I move on to Chocolate Chip cookies. I go to reach for my 1 cup measuring cup that I used for the snicker doodles.. and realize that I used only 3/4 cup instead. So my flour amount is off by 1/4 cup. Tonight I made another batch, still having a nagging feeling about how small/flat they are.. and the taste..something isn't right. I don't have Cream of Tartar on my recipe card. My brain remembered tonight that I always used that before. So tomorrow, we will try one last time to make snicker doodles using a new recipe. We'll see how it goes.


tspwlv said...

Ugh, hope he heals up soon...but soooo glad you get a surprise day off.

Meghan said...

Hope he is getting better soon.
Hey, feel free to send some Snickerdoodle love my way!