Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Random Wednesday

Dear Mother Nature,
I don't know what kind of sick joke you have going on over there, but knock it off already! First we had 60 degree weather in November. Now we have bitter cold temps coming. In case you didn't notice, Christmas is in 19 more days. Where is the snow? How 'bout 3 inches of the stuff.. just to pretty up the place? Just enough for maybe a delay at school.. I hate being in school during late June. But if you're going to travel down that road, bring it on! A nice all day long storm. I love a good snow day.
Respectfully yours,

Dear Co-Worker(s)*,
In case you have been under a rock for the past, oh, 3 months.. my year isn't going so well. You might have noticed that things in my neck of the building are a bit stressful. While this might offer you some humor, I don't find a stinking little bit of it funny. If you try and barge into the room when there's obviously some tense situation going on, and I happen to bark at you... get over it. Fast. Realize that I am under extreme amounts of stress this year, and your snarky comments aren't helping. Don't complain to me about having to go outside "again." At least you can go outside this year. Once you've worked with a student that is in such crisis they can't be let out of the building, come back and see me. We'll talk. If it turns out that I've been knocked over by a *child* who not only weighs more than I do.. but is completely irrational and not aware of what he is doing when he is in crisis mode, don't whine to me about your bad day. Seriously.
Grouchily yours,
* ok, it's just one

Dear Son,
I am sorry that you're antics on the playground today got you hurt. I am more sorry that you are more hurt than originally thought. We didn't mean to pick on you today, we didn't realize how serious your injury was. I had a flashback to the summer when I saw your poor swollen ankle after school today. I know how much it sucks to be in that position, remember? I hope that when we go to the Dr. tomorrow they'll say it's just a sprain and you'll be back to good soon. I secretly hope, for your sake, it's broken. Take my word for it, it will get better so much faster that way. Feel better soon!

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