Saturday, December 30, 2006

Say What?

It's time for another rousing edition of "Google searches that brought you here!" People amuse me to no good end. I love to periodically check my sitemaps, and I haven't in a while. These are the top 5 searches that lead you back here.

1. The Walrus and the Carpanter. Dudes. First off, Carpenter is spelled wrong. This post was done before Blogger got their head out of their arses and fixed the spell check for Firefox users. It doesn't appear that I blogged about the song.. but did blog about "I am a Walrus", and my woes with Carpenter ants on two different occasions. That is quite ok however. I love The Walrus and the Carpenter and quote from it often.

2. Fishing and Barometric Preasure. Again with the mis-spelling. This looks to be from our first camping trip this past summer. The one when it rained buckets the whole weekend but was mildly warm out and B brought his kick arse tarp and all was good. The Barometric Pressure and I are still arch-enemies, especially now that the knee is getting worse.

3. Guitar Chords for Hero by Enrique Englasias. This threw me for a loop. I went and searched, and turns out I was blogging about ten random songs that came up on my ipod that day when I hit shuffle. Dudes, I have an original iPod, the one that holds 20 GB.. on any given day the first 10 songs are a random mix, and some times, the first 10 are Bare Naked Ladies. I can tinker on the guitar, but no way I could ever play Hero.

4. Beth Sweet NH. Ok, I went and searched, wondering how this possibly could be in my top 5, with a number 3 search position. I leafed through about 6 pages of search results and never did find a link to my blog. So umm... ok. I don't know either.

5. I just can't seem to get it right today. This should be the theme song for my life. This post however was from October... and I'm glad it was there because I love that photo I took in my back yard this year. I also like the song, and relate.. which is how it ended up as the title of my post that day. It will probably be running through my head tomorrow as I have to deal with my MIL regarding some unpleasant things. One day she's going to realize that we are adults and she can't boss us around and treat us like children. Wish me luck.

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Bec said...

Please tell me how you do that! (Check your site feeds or whatever you said...sounds like another pointless way I can spend time on the internet instead of doing all of the things I should be doing!)