Monday, January 22, 2007

Forever Autumn

The summer sun is fading as the year grows old
I felt like I needed some cheering up, and that is why there are summer flowers gracing the cold, dark January blog. The ordeal with my tooth isn't over yet. Turned out to be an abscess on a back molar. The same one with the deep filling from a few years back. Seems the weakened tooth might've cracked, and the shifting aggravated the nerves ... or who only knows. But last Tuesday, after 5 days of pain (2.5 of the worst pain of my life, childbirth included) I had a Pulpotomy (sp?).. which essentially is a partial root canal. The dentist covering for my own (who was in Florida for some schooling.. getting smarter about teeth) took out the most inflamed nerves, let the infection drain and released the pressure.. and put in a partial filling.

And darker days are drawing near
I went and saw my own dentist on Friday (after a few days of feeling SOOOOOO much better).. and he didn't have the 1.5 hours he wanted to finish up the work. I had the choice of having it partially done, but why be drilled 3x if you can do only 2x. I have to admit, that I'm worried. It was 13 days from Friday until I have my work scheduled (the 31st). 13 days is a long time for bad things to happened, and I told my dentist this. He laughed, not at me.. but that I was worried.. and assured me that it should be ok. He said this when he prescribed my antibiotics and Tylenol 3 a week-ish ago. But I can call if things get bad again and won't have to wait as long.

The winter winds will be much colder
On other fronts, my mother is in the hospital. She started feeling poorly on Saturday. Chattering teeth, fever, tired, weak, no appetite and then came on this awful headache. And the headache got worse, and worse, and worse.. and she called the on call Dr. 3x but never heard back, and went to bed. She woke the head nun at 3am Sunday and they rushed her to the hospital. They have done a million tests. She is on Antibiotics, just in case. They thought maybe allergic reaction. But not with the fever. They did a CT scan. A skull x-ray. A million blood tests. A gastrointestinal something or another. Her electrolytes were off, so they wanted to keep her and stabilize her. Her liver function isn't good. They didn't have any answers, and I didn't tell her that I thought maybe Meningitis or Hepatitis. My poor mother is in a hospital thousands of miles away, and she sounds so sick and awful on the phone.

Now you're not here
My SIL called tonight after mom called her (she was exhausted and only made one call) and the Dr. had come back in and told her he thought she might have Hepatitis. (I'm so smart). They want to run more tests and keep her at least another day. If you are so inclined, I'm sure some prayers/good thoughts would be appreciated.

*Moody Blues

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KathyMarie said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry all this is happening. My thoughts are with you and your mom.

I hope all turns out well, on every issue you're dealing with.