Sunday, January 28, 2007

In Which We Find Some Neighbors

Every given thought to that little button up there at the top of your blog that says "next blog"? I do, all the time.. but I have never clicked on it. Tonight while waiting for dinner to finish cooking I decided to run a little experiment. I clicked on that link tonight... and followed it for 10 blogs. I left comments when I could. This is who I found hanging out in the 'hood.

Welcome to the Circus- She's a mom with 2 kids, her dh works awful hours and they are getting ready to move to MD. She's got that age old issue all mom's face... too tired to work out and food is not your friend. I feel her pain.

Musings About Life- "Don't let the bastards grind you down." Who can't like a blog that has that quote right at the top of the page?!?! She's a writer who has similar thought process that I have... ie. you start out with one thing, and then your brain moves onto 5 other things until you say something silly that makes no sense. I can so relate. Also, we're having baked chicken for dinner .. and that was one of the choices she gave her dh. Weird!

Sipping Pickle Juice- Did you know that when you make "snow candy" with fresh hot maple syrup, it's typically eaten with a pickle to offset the sweetness? The things you discover about VT when faced with a 5 month long project.. anyhow I digress. This is a bit of a political blog... and I don't know if the author is a he or she.

In Transition- This is Luke Walton's blog. He's from sunny California and does Triathlons. Today he did a bike/run workout on Fiesta Island. I have to say it looks a lot warmer there that it was here. (although it hit 30 today, which is an improvement over the 6 of yesterday).

Life Under the Sun- This is Michelle in N.J. She's a stay at home mom who's never home. She's a techno-geek who's doing bible studies in Philly. Rock on Michelle! Hope you feel better.

This blog- I'm not sure what this blog is.. as it's not in English.. but if you scroll down the page there is a photo of Uncle Sam claiming, "I want you to attack Iran." And it doesn't look like Uncle Sam either. Weird.

My Reading List- This is Timothy blog for himself to keep track of his writing. He just started and didn't intend on it being read. Muahaha.

Green Eggs and Pam- This is Pam in Minnesota's blog. They got 7 inches of snow last week and I must say I am a tad jealous. We've gotten no more than 3 inches total all winter. This is New England People. Not normal!

Frazzled LaShawn- This is a lady out in Texas who is married with 3 boys. They just ran the pinewood derby this weekend and she has some cool photos of it. Also she drinks a lot of coffee and it was her brothers birthday this weekend. My brothers birthday was last weekend. Weird.

And lastly... we have The Retro Cocktail Hour. This blog is not in English either.. but man scroll down.. it has some funny arse photos.


michele said...

Thanks for the link :-) and yeah, I'm feeling better.

Awesome Abby said...

Huh! Well......I've often wondered about that, but after my sis clicked on the next one and came back to tell me it was some porn site, i just never bothered. michele, over there, however, seems to be quite normal, so I might just give it a go! :)

tspwlv said...

The one you couldn't read is actually written in Farsi, which is the language spoken in Iran and my first language. Its title translates to "Where." My Farsi is bad and the font is small so I didn't take the time to read it all, but from what I can figure out the writer works in a laboratary of some sort. I love the "Next Blog" button, but I usually end up on Japanese or Malaysian blogs that I can't figure out.

stepmomof2 said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog from a comment you left on Morgan's blog (Welcome to the circus) and I must say I love the "Next blog" button you never know where you will end up. Your post was great!

The Keeper of Cheerios said...

thanks for commenting, and the link! how come you always get cooler blogs? ones u can actually read? i can press the next blog button for an hour and only get spanish and other languages i don't understand. :)

That Chick Over There said...

I hit that button ALL THE TIME. I love to find new blogs to read.

This is my first time here too, so HI! :)

Pam said...

Hey, thanks for the link. You never know who you'll find when you hit that "next blog" button. I'm always wishing I would find a long lost friend or maybe a long lost friend will find me!