Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some Yarny Goodness

I was going through my Favorite Places Folder (yikes, what a scary place that is).. and in my Knitting/Crochet folder (what, you didn't know I crochet too? I do a lot of things.. like painting.. wait until you see the awesome easel I got for Christmas) I found a link to a website I haven't been to a while.. and Look What I Found! How stinking cute is this??? I am so going to make these because they make lovely baby gifts. And if that isn't cool enough... it reminded me of a pattern I printed off a million years ago (or maybe just 2)...

Beth's Little Star Afghan. Just think, it could be a whole star-themed gift. Awesome. I've seen lots of variations on that star afghan posted all over the web. Pastels, boy colors, girl colors, rainbows. You name it.. it's been thought of.

Kate Gilbert has a lovely hat pattern that features a star, that you can knit in any size from baby to adult. Check it out Here.

And Sandy has another fabulous star hat that you can find here.

So look at that.. some out of the box projects to add to my already growing list of things to get done. Keeps those hands busy and that's a good thing.


Bec said...

A star-themed gift would be so cool! I'll have to begin one for when someone I *really really* like has a baby!

Scrappytbear said...

It's so cool that you Crochet! I do too...or at least I did before Scrapbooking took up all of my time! I finished knitting a poncho before Christmas that is just awesome and soft but seems to me to be ... rather lopsided "sigh" Oh well I made it myself! Awesome on the other handicrafts you do!