Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Random Wednesday

This is where I will be spending most of my time today. I was at the dentist bright and early this morning so that they could finish my root canal. I was injected with Novocaine 2.5 hours ago and the right side of my face still hasn't recovered yet. I should say that I never numb up fast enough and he always gives me extra. There was no sign of further infection (hurrah for antibiotics) and aside from general soreness today, things should be much better. I will go in over the summer for a crown and be done with this bad boy. And hey, who doesn't enjoy a day off? The chair is cozy, and that blanket that The Boy bought me for our anniversary this year is cozier. We are on the search for a new couch/chair set this year, and until then we use those icky slipcovers. They are only icky because I don't like the color. And they move. A lot. But I needed some with stretch for the weird shaped chairs, and it beats the cat damaged/fire damaged fabric underneath.

Today is the last day of January and we are heading into my least favorite month. The weird part is, that it doesn't feel like winter every got here. We had two snows... that left us with maybe an inch-inch and a half of snow each. But aside from that ice storm, it's been a rather weird winter. This sled was left behind by the prior owners (we have another one in the barn just like it) and it hasn't seen any action this winter. The sun is out today however, so it's not too bad. If the sun shone more in NH during winter maybe I wouldn't despise it so much. Oh, and the 50 degree weather in December/early January didn't hurt any either.

Much like the cat, I will be taking it easy today. I might work on a knitting project. I might work on a blanket I'm crocheting. I might take a nap. I don't know if I will make it to steel drums this afternoon. Dental work always triggers migraine's... although not usually until the next day. I will do some online browsing for a new laptop (think I'm going back to a Mac.. once a Mac, always a Mac) as this one is on it's last few legs. And no, it had nothing to do with me dropping it over the summer when I was hobbling with a broken foot and a sprained ankle. I am off to go play my Sim's game for a while. I can't wait until the new expansion pack comes out next month. Ciao!


Sgt said...

Hope your feeling better. Root canals suck. I need to go in and have this tooth looked at. I'm in denial atm deciding which is worse. A pain in my jaw, or a visit to the dentist. I'm still undecided.

I loved the old wooden milk crate. Very cool.

OneScrappyChick said...

Thanks, it stores my school stuff... I found it an antique store the year we moved here on the way to Home Depot and got it for a steal.

And no matter how much you fear that dentist.. get there ASAP.. this all started out with a pain that turned into a raging infection.

Sgt said...

Yeah. "Raging Infection" is not something I want to blog about. (in any form)