Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In The Drink.....

Do you miss my photos? Me too. It's a blech, dreary January in our neck of the world. Nothing worth photographing really.. even the weather is dull and grey... not a decent snowstorm to be had for miles. By the time I get home, nothing in the house is worth photographing because the best light is gone. So, I offer you Maxine. I love Maxine don't you?

I talked to my mom today. She is in awful pain. They did a battery of tests and ruled out Hepatitis of any form (though her liver function isn't good still.. but they aren't talking to her about that yet)... and did a spinal tap this afternoon because they think she probably has Meningitis.

Scary shit if you ask me. We went through a meningitis scare when my daughter was in kindergarten... one of her classmates had it and almost died. The whole class had to take heavy duty antibiotics to prevent it from spreading. When the CDC calls you at night, you know things are bad. They have her on some major pain meds for her head (2 Oxycontin weren't touching the pain) and she hasn't been getting much sleep.. but the new meds are helping some and she will be there until they get her figured out and well again.

I've only walked 9.75 miles this month. Today is the 23rd, and that is pathetic. I was doing good until my tooth episode, and it got damn cold after that. Bad tooth+big cold=bad things. So needless to say, I have some catching up to do after they finish the work next week. Hopefully I can still wait that long. 7 more days to get through. It's been 8 already, but we have twinges... and soreness.. and some acheiness.. and I worry. I don't want to go through that again. I know part of it is from the mouth sores ( I always get canker sores after dental work.. hate that)... but part of is not. Keeping my cross-able parts crossed.


Lissa said...

Oh Beth - keeping prayers for your mom!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Beth, I'm sorry about your mom. I hope they find the issue soon. Just what you needed, you have had your share and then some.

I get canker sores too. Very sensitive mouth. You can gargle with malox and benedryl mixed together. Don't drink it.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

beth, those baskets came in a lighter different color. Go check them out. Great deal

Carly said...

you are not out of it yet. I'm only up to about 15 miles and I have no real good excuse. WE have 66 days left. That's about 1.3 miles per day average.

Hang in there.

Lyseine - for cold sores - helps prevent them for me. It's an amino acid or something?