Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In Which We Find Some Randomness on a Tuesday

So this weekend I drove out to Brattleboro VT with my friend (who is also my neighbor) to go see a film. They have the coolest theatre in Brat. It's part of a hotel and has quite a history which you can read about here(and see a cool photo). It has a balcony and upstairs theaters and old fashioned seats. The theatre we were in sat maybe 50 people tops. Anyhow, we went to see Pan's Labyrinth.I wasn't sure what I was getting into.. but T's sister highly recommended the movie and her DH (who is best chums with my Boy and has very similar thoughts on things) refused to go with her. It has all the makings of a classing European fairytale including gore, historical fiction and religious undertones. It wasn't scary gore.. but the kind of realistic gore that makes you cover your eyes and cringe. It was in spanish but had subtitles, which actually once you got used to you didn't seem to mind so much and the end was sad. We had a great time.

School is.. well.. school is what it is this year. Today was our 100th day, which means we have exactly 81 days to go. We've had NO snow days this year (and only one delay, which is bizarre!) so currently we are getting out June 15th. I can't wait. They asked if I'd be interested in doing summer school again this year and I laughed so hard tears rolled down my face. Umm.. no thanks. I am looking forward to a nice summer of relaxing, working on my yard and my house and being lazy. Hopefully this summer I won't get hurt. DH gets a mess of vacation each year (5 weeks) and our year restarts July 1st, so we plan some day trip and mini-trips and all kinds of fun things are brewing in our minds.

Speaking of school, there is some awful stomach thing going around. Crap load of kids out the past 2 days and countless more got sent home.. it's crazy! Ms. Thang went to the nurse claiming she yacked today and I had to take her home at 2pm. Only one hour.. she could've made it. (winks). She's been fine since and I don't know that I think she was really sick.. but being I've been fighting a cold since Sunday... I didn't care. She'll be back tomorrow though. Thankfully she doesn't really have that icky stomach thing.. because I don't have time for that!

I'm currently knitting this hat in a lovely green color. It's bitter cold around these parts. I actually knit a hat during the Superbowl that I was going to share, same yarn and all.. but i didn't like how it came out so I tore it out and am making this instead. I'll post it when it's finished. I'm off for some mindless TV. Ciao!

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Gwyn said...

Lots of sick kids at my school, too. Our 100th day was yesterday, what a zoo.

I should try knitting some hats. I've made scarves for every female in my life already!