Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Wednesday... A Day Early

I want somebody who cares, For me passionately
A good friend of The Boy and I called me today to let me know that her aunt passed away yesterday. She was rather overweight and had health issues and it would seem these issues led to a blood clot that resulted in her death. Her mother (who's sister this was) is someone we're also close too and I am sad for her as J was her only sibling. So tomorrow on the way back from bringing the kids to have their teeth cleaned I will pick up a few sympathy cards. I make all my cards, except for these. I can't ever seem to create a card that fits what I want to say or has the kind of "mood" I want to convey. So I leave death up to Hallmark, even though they never have the card that says what I'm feeling either.. and from the looks of things lately maybe I should pick up a few extra.

With every thought and with every breath

My best friend called me up today because he thought I might be having another bad week at school and wanted to 1. make sure I was OK and 2. provide some much needed laugh therapy. He's funny, because even though we talked about vacation being here this week just the other day, and he asked if I had any big plans and blah blah blah... he forgot about it while he was driving home. He was thinking that it was Tuesday and the week was well on it's way and it might be going rather suckey and he should call and cheer me up. Everyone on earth should have a best friend like him. We realized that we've been best friends for almost 20 years (oh the stories I could tell you) and damn that's a long time. Also, my memory isn't as good as it used to be anymore which makes him all kinds of happy.. because his memory sucks. I miss having him only a few towns away.

Someone who'll help me see things in a different light

My son is in DIRE need of a haircut. He doesn't agree with this observation and is fighting tooth and nail to let me agree for him to grow it out. It's already about 3 clipper lengths longer than I think it should be, so in my mind I've already agreed to give it a try. He hasn't had what I'd consider a "decent" cut since his birthday. 8 weeks of having it cut every few on the "longer than last time" setting aren't' doing it for me. When he was younger he had long hair (OK, not long.. but longer than buzzed which it has been for a long time) and it was cute. It was also little boy fine and silky kind of hair. Not the I'm almost a teen thicker and darker and coarser hair that he has now. That WILL NOT look good long. How do I know this? Because he has his dad's hair.. who has HIS dad's hair.. and after all these years of seeing different hair styles.. they look best with buzzed hair. But.. it's his hair and i have to let him try it. He did tell me he'll buzz it for the next big family event which is Easter.. so I deal with it. But secretly when he's not looking.. I dream of shaving it off while he's sleeping. Don't tell him!

All the things I detest I will almost like

And lastly, and I can't believe I am admitting this out loud... we are currently watching "Beavis and Butthead Do America". I won't pretend that when this show first came out and I was in HS and watching it with 4 younger brothers and all their eleventy million friends.. I thought it was funny. Not as funny as they did.. nor as funny as The Boy obviously did. I think the show appeals more to men/boys then females. I am much older now, and while I might laugh on occasion.. this isn't my idea of humor. Nor do I think my children should be watching it. However, as they are older and my DH had already told them they could stay up late and watch "dad's new movie" I was outnumbered. So, here we are.. and I swear I can feel my brain cells dying away as I watch. Although.. I can get on-board with Butthead's thinking: "This sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before. " I might get a shirt for school.

*Somebody~ Depeche Mode


KathyMarie said...

Sympathy cards are hard for me, too. I find them too religious or too trite or too plain or too stupid. But my feelings on the matter probably have more to do with my emotional state when I'm picking out sympathy cards.

Sgt said...

Oi.. thanks for the age check there. I was almost out of the Marine Corps heading for corporate America when the Beavis & Butthead movie came out.

Just curious. If he's almost a teen now, why can't he have his hair the way he wants? Nothing worse than being told how to style. Just my $0.02. Then again.. my boys get high & tight haircuts. At least until they start complaining they want something else.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I can't STAND beevis and butthead. My husband had a decal on his car window when I met him. We finally took the time to get it off when Lucas was born. During his Butthead days, he even received an ornament. Can't stand that thing, but it goes on the tree every year.