Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nah Nah, Nah Nah

Winter Break arrived at 3:00 Friday afternoon when the walker bell rang and it couldn't get here soon enough. We had a 7:30 meeting on Tuesday, so I made sure my stuff for after vacation was prepped and ready to go, and I hit that door running. Thursday and Friday were awful days and I left feeling discouraged and disgusted. Defiantly ready for a break. The Boy was at our school working on an Internet problem.. so I rounded up the kids and met him at the office. We came home, packed the kids stuff in the van and headed out for Manchester.

First thing on our list of "things to do during winter break" was a Manchester Monarch's Hockey game. I booked the tickets a few weeks ago, and we got third row up from the ice seats down near the net where our team was shooting at twice. It was Ms. Thang's first game, and I wanted her near the action. There was certainly a lot of action.. fights, people being slammed into the glass right in front of us. My favorite part of the whole game was when a member of the other team tripped one of our guys and he slid all the way down the ice and into the net. SCORE! my kids both shouted. It was great. They were playing the Providence Bruins.. which is the minor league team for my favorite Boston Bruins.. so at first I wasn't sure who to root for. But home team loyalty took over and the Monarch's won the game so it's all good. Next time we'll sit higher up and more towards the middle of the ice.. I like having full view of the whole game.

After the game was over we drove to my MIL's house to drop of the kids. They are spending the weekend and instead of making two trips down we figured we'd just head down late Friday. Yesterday was spent doing errands and such, and today we're going to go out for dinner. My MIL called a little bit ago and it turns out Ms. Thang is sick with a fever/sore throat etc. She didn't want to come home (we are picking them up tomorrow afternoon) early and it's hard for me to know she's sick somewhere else. But my MIL will take good care of her.

The kids have a dentist visit Wednesday and we will spend the day in VT one day to work on Ms. Thangs state project. Other than that we've got nothing on the schedule and will see what the week brings. DH has enough vacation weeks (5 a year.. and the year runs from July 1 to June 30) to take all three school breaks off with us and still have two weeks leftover. We're so loving this.

*update* My MIL called apx. 6pm.. and Ms. Thangs temp was 104.5 and it had been for a bunch of hours.. after two doses of Jr. Tylenol... so they took her to the ER for a rapid strep and to make sure she wasn't dehydrated. Turns out she does in fact have Strep.. was just in the earliest stages of beginning to show up on the test. They gave her a script for some antibiotics, said to rotate the Tylenol with Motrin and not let her bundle up too much.. and she should feel better soon. She still doesn't want to come home and said she'll see us tomorrow afternoon.

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Awesome Abby said...

so how goes it now? hope she's feeling better. and i hope despite the odds, you had a nice time! hey...when you get a chance, i got a crochet question for ya...but your email addy isn't on my new computer.