Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In Which We Find Some Knitting....

So, I've been working on these socks for what seems like a long, long time. I pick the sock up and work on it, and then it sits in my sock basket for a while. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. The thing about socks is that you make them on tiny pointy needles. You have to be in the mood to work on socks because they require more attention than say, a baby blanket or a sweater.

I've had the leg of this sock done (minus one row) for a good month now. This morning I picked up that sock and did the heel. I am using a sock pattern that is new to me. I've never done ribbed socks, but love that they'll stay up better than these..which due to no ribbing, and me not having the experience to make the leg a little tighter tend to slouch a bit when I wear them. The pattern is Priscilla's Dream Socks from Interweave. One day I'm going to make striped ones.

The muggles amongst you won't understand the thrill I got working this heel. It's a short row heel, that decreases on the outer edges and is worked with yarn overs and knit/purl togethers that allow you to work the heel and the instep and NOT have to pick up stitches. I loved it. I hate picking up stitches, especially on socks. Unless you pick them up the exact same way on each sock, you end up sometimes with a visible gap in your sock, and this bugs the OCD tendencies in me. And.. it's round. I love it. My other socks have a more squarish, pointy heel. This heel is round, and the stripes match up all the way around. Look at that.. isn't it glorious? I can't wait to get this sock finished and get started on the next one. We still have 3 months of cold weather ahead of us.. and summer nights can be chilly. I'm not worried about running out of time to knit them. In a more perfect worlds, the color in the leg would've striped more and pooled less. I believe that has to do with the ribbing, and I'm not smart enough to know what to do to prevent that next time.

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Tami said...

Very pretty! And my crocheted socks have been a UFO for over a year...I finished them both at one point, only to discover that I had done the leg of the first one incorrectly. Being the anal retentive crafter that I am, I ripped out the faulty leg with the intention of reworking it correctly. Has not yet happened. Plus, the little hook and my tight guage make for nasty little hand cramps if I'm not in the right mode.