Monday, December 08, 2008

All the Creature's Were Sleeping......

Want to hear a funny story? We did laundry on Wednesday like we always do, and I noticed that one of my hand knit socks I wore last week didn't end up in my pile of laundry to put away. I checked the washer/dryer and thought.. well it probably didn't make it into the wash and I'll get it back on Sunday when we do laundry again. So yesterday we did the wash, and nothing. I was a bit grumpy because really... those socks took a long time to knit up and I wanted to wear them this week with my blue sweater.

Today I put on a winter white sweater and wine colored pants. Just a few minutes ago I went for my stash of dark chocolate M&M's and as I reached up for the bag on the top shelf, something about my left "chest" area of my sweater looked funny. Kind of square and padded. WTF? I thought. I pulled my sweater up, and there was my sock! I think it was on the side of my sweater all day, and when I put my coat on to come home it moved and that's how I noticed it. HAHAHA. I'm happy to have it back though.

 Today at school we saw the dress rehearsal for our holiday show, that will be presented tonight. I love to watch the kids up on stage doing there thing, and this show was cute and they did a great job. I still remember every show my kids have ever done. Ms. Thang will do her last show in February, and then if she decides to pursue drama in Middle School/ HS.. we'll continue, but it not it will be the last one. Not that I mind music concerts, but there is something about watching kids up on a stage performing, especially the little ones. 9 more days until vacation. Nine.


NikJustNik said...

Oh that is too funny!!! LOVE IT!!!

Awesome Abby said...

That is hilarious! I'm just glad you found it...I can't imagine losing something that took that much time and effort to do!