Sunday, December 07, 2008

In Which We Find.... Sunday

5 things I am happy about today, in no particular order:

1. Fudge. I found this recipe for fudge on eleventy billion years ago, and have made it every Christmas since(without nuts, thank you). I made it today so that I can freeze it until our holiday party with my brothers later this month. My mom always made fudge when I was growing up at Christmas, and as I was stirring for 5 minutes today while I watched it bubble and do it's thing I realized that *I* only make it at Christmas time. It's not that I don't like it, cuz baby this is some good fudge. It's just in my brain, fudge is for Christmas. (In case anyone is wondering, I haven't spoken to her since the day she left in August. Just as well I suppose.)

2. Snow. Yes.. I said snow. It's no secret that I hate winter. I hate that it's 4:30 right now and dark. I hate that I'm always so cold and never feel warm. I hate when I go outside and it's so cold out the bridge of my glasses freezes my nose, and then when I go back in they fog up for 3 or so minutes. I hate the icy sidewalks that hinder my walk to school every day and I just don't like that it lasts SO DAMN LONG. However, I like snow up until the end of January. After that I am tired of the whole damn thing, but there's something about the first snows. I love snow for Christmas and it's been a little grey and blah around here. Everything all dead and tired looking. Snow covers all that and makes it pretty again. Christmastime needs snow. We only got a few inches today but I'm hoping for one good storm between now and the big day.

3. Birds. A few of my bird feeders show through the window in that picture. I was running by house this morning and there was a beautiful red cardinal and his lady friend in my tree. I actually stopped for a minute and watched them and continued on my way. They weren't there when I got back. The junco's that hop around the yard are back, and I saw a whole flock of blue jays today. I love birds. I didn't love my run so much today.. and should've just skipped it as I helped my friend move yesterday and was sore and tired... but it was worth it just to see those birds.

4. My teapots. I keep these 3 teapots in my hutch all year. I actually have a more lime-greenier one in the kitchen that I use regularly, but these ones stay in the dining room until I need them. I noticed today, for the first time because life is kicking my rear lately, that they are kind of Christmasy and fit with my decorating. I can't tell you how happy this made me. I stood there for a bit and just enjoyed them. I also moved my rocking chair into the dining room for the holidays and put it next to my bookcases. I was thinking about how my village needs to be switched over to winter and decorated for Christmas, when I realized that even though it's kind of a quirky place for a rocking chair.. I really love it in that spot. Enough that I might keep it there for good. The boy brought that home for me for Mother's Day the year he was out of work. He knew I had wanted a rocking chair for mother's day and had given up on that happening, and got this one for free because someone was getting rid of it. I have over the years been chipping away at the old stain to re-stain it a darker color to fit the room it had lived in, but I might just chip it off and varnish over it and leave it there. Simple things today.. simple things.

5. Being home today. Even if it has been a busy day, I am home and loving my house. I am happy to have a warm house, enough food on the table, and gifts for the holiday's. Some people don't have that and I am incredibly lucky, I know that. I don't have to worry about our jobs, or how I'm going to pay my bills or heat my home. I have a roast in the crock-pot making my house smell yummy, a family who loves me and I'm about to go make some Christmas cookies. Today was the kind of day I needed after many weeks of stress and crappiness. Happy Sunday.


Bec said...

I miss snow. I'm glad you appreciate it! It makes me sad when people talk about how sick they are of snow... do they not know how badly I've been dreaming of a White Christmas...for FOUR Christmases now!?!?

Also, I only make fudge at Christmas time too. I bet it would taste just as good at 4th of July.

And, I'm going to the commissary today. And I'm going to buy a roast and put it in the crock pot when I get home, just because yours inspired me!

onescrappychick said...

mmmmmmmm... it was very tasty! I hope you are enjoying you're time home before the big move!! :)