Friday, December 12, 2008

The Town Said... Let There Be Light

You really don't appreciate what you have, until you don't have it. I woke up around 2:30am having to use the bathroom. I rolled over to see what time it was, and the alarm was dark. The weird thing was... there was a light shining into my bedroom. At 2:30 am you aren't too smart, and it took me a few minutes of looking out windows and confirming that the street lights were all out too... to realize the power was out. The Police Department lives behind us to the back, and they have a generator for their outside lights. Which was helpful in my not only using the bathroom, but getting my watch to the window to find out it was only 2:30 am.

The call for no school came at 4:50 (we have a battery back up for our phone) and I figured there was no point in staying up like I normally do, because it was dark and cold. I did see a PSNH truck roaming the streets at 2:30 so I was hopeful that soon we'd have power back and I could bake and clean and do all the things I had planned for our snow day. Fortunately for me, I live next to the police department and that is considered a high priority for them to get the power back to. We stopped by to check the status of the shelter for the Emergency Net. (The Boy does radio operations for them), and I took this photo of the restored train depot. We went into Keene for lunch and to warm up, and it's like a whole different world there. The sun was out, no ice to be had, power was on and it only looked like it snowed a bit and rained. While we were gone the power came back on.

Ice storms don't play so nicely, and of course most of the day had gone past by the time the power came back on. Some parts of my town still have no power. Some towns around us, higher up in elevation most likely won't have power for 3 or 4 days. There are trees down everywhere. The ice is still coating the world and the wind is picking up which also makes for a scary situation. One of our town's cops had a tree fall on him this morning moving another tree off the road and is in the hospital. It's like a war zone, and I have never been more grateful for having spent the money to have those 3 big pine trees taken down this summer. I have heat, I have lights and I have only a few branches down in my yard. Many more people aren't as lucky as I am right now, and some people are going to have a long miserable night. I just hope that we don't wake up tomorrow to more of the same.

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