Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not Such A Bad Day After All

I got out of bed when the phone rang this morning at 5:30 to let me know we had no school. I had though delay for sure, so was pleasantly surprised to find out the whole day was mine. I had a plan. I was going to finish the sweater for my neighbor. I was going to clean my kitchen. I was going to bake snicker doodles with my daughter, and I was going to knit little wreath ornaments for our family gathering on Saturday.

I got within 2 rows of being done the sleeve on the sweater and ran out of yarn. This irritated me because the pattern called for only 1 skein of yarn and I had already bought an extra. I started cleaning and was cruising right along when I went off to take a shower and The Boy went off to wrap my gifts. I checked my mail and did some other things and walked into the kitchen and he had a huge ass grin on his face. "The furniture will be here in an hour," he said. We had discussed calling this morning on the status of our new furniture, and I wanted to wait and have them deliver it during vacation. They called him up and said, "Do you want your furniture today?" and he said yes.

So my plans changed, the kitchen did get cleaned but I never made those cookies and I'll finish that sweater tomorrow. Instead I moved and cleaned and a number of things before doing some errands. Right now I'm sitting on the first new couch we've owned in the 13 years we've been married. I feel so grown up.

*the flash washed it out.. it's a tad bit darker than appears in the photo.


Bec said...

I love your living room! Looks so cozy and Christmassy!

tspwlv said...

Oh cool! So glad you'll have it for Uncle Christmas. Enjoy.