Monday, October 15, 2012

Finding My Way Back... Catching Up

I fully intended to come and blog the past four days. Thursday I was uninspired as to what to blog about. I tossed about several ideas during the evening and none of them screamed out to me, "write a post". Blogging just for the sake of blogging has never really been my thing. I've done it before, and I feel like those posts just come out sounding like rubbish. Or, back in the old days, I would throw out a poll, or one of those "What type of ____" things. Dumb. Friday is errand day at my house. I come home from school, finish my grocery list, and after dinner, we head out to Keene and do all our errands. I'm exhuasted by Friday, and it seems like a good time to get that chore out of the way, because I'm not good for much else. Besides, we used to do them on Saturday, and then you loose a good half your day. What fun is that?

Saturday was the Dover Band Show. We packed up the kids, took them to the HS for their afternoon rehearsal before the 2 hours drive over to Dover, and then drove out to Manchester to visit my new niece. She is that balm that soothes my soul right now. She was suffering with jaundice after she was born, and her color is all back to normal again. The Boy™ and I each held her for half the several hour visit that we were there, and it was a lovely time with his sister and her husband, whom I feel we don't get to spend enough time with anymore. The band show was cold, yet excellent as always, and we got home way past my bedtime in the first hour of Sunday.

After a bit of a sleep in Sunday morning, the local fire department came out with their ladder truck and hoisted my man up to the top of the Tower of Doom, so that he could install the rotor we all pitched in and got him for his 40th birthday this past summer. It was rather fun to watch out the window (it was raining, and I really had a better view from the second floor), and now he can spin his antenna around and talk to the world. We had plans for some fall cleaning, and instead watched some crazy guy jump from space with a parachute, and then chilled out with a bowl of popcorn and watched Despicable Me with Ms. Thang. Overall, a very low-key relaxing day. Perfect. I didn't plan to skip any days this month with my blogging, but I'm not going to beat myself up for it either. In the grand scheme of life, I am feeling a whole lot better than I have been in months, and that says something.

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