Friday, October 05, 2012

Finding My Way Back... Photographs

Much like the posts that don't appear on my blog when things are dark and terrible in my life, you can tell when things are out of sorts by the amount of photos that get taken. I opened my 2o12 photo folder, and was saddened to find that there aren't a whole lot of photos documenting this past year. In fact, I believe it might be the least amount of photos I have taken in ANY year. Just looking at the folder makes me sad, especially considering that my son is turning 18 this year, and is going to be leaving next summer to go off to the hall of higher academia. Where at the photos of the time we have spent together while he has been here with us? What about the every day things we have done. A lot of events that happened earlier in the year, I chose not to attend, and The Boy™ isn't a photo-fanatic like I am.

I am  working on making the situation better, and have started to snap more every day photos. Next year I plan on participating in another Project 365, and I think I'll do a monthly recap of my photos here on the old blog. I like to browse through some other blogs that do monthly recaps, especially if they put in a little blurb about what was significant about that photo. This afternoon, after I got home from a rather long day at school, I was sitting here thinking about what I wanted to write about, when I noticed the light outside through the trees was just gorgeous. There is something about the late day sunshine and the color of the fall leaves that just speaks to my soul. On top of that, it has rained every single day since last Friday, and today was the first day the sun was out. Not only did it look like fall, it smelled like fall as well. I grabbed my phone, and headed outside to snap some photos before the light shifted and I missed my opportunity. I think my phone might be the key to more impromptu photos.

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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

fall (or autumn here in the UK) is indeed glorious! I am glad you are taking pictures again!