Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finding My Way Back.... In Need of a Break

The first year I had a week off at the beginning of the summer, and a week off at the end of the summer. Enough time to decompress between both jobs, and get my bearings straight. Last year, we started later in July, and I had a few weeks off at the start of summer, which was really  nice. But the trade off, was  a half week off at the end of the summer, and that was hard. I felt rushed and crazed, trying to get the kids and myself ready to go back to school in that short amount of time. This year, I had 5 days off at the start of summer (I got called in early), and no days off at the end. I worked until Friday, had the weekend, and was back to work for school on Monday. All summer long I dreaded it, knowing that it was going to kick my fanny, but we operated with a smaller crew this year, and I felt that because of an oversight on my part when we did the master schedule at the start of summer, I couldn't really change it.

I'm not going to start whining about how hard that has been, but really, it has been THAT. HARD. It started out tolerable, but as we've gone along, it's really started to take its toll on me. There is a reason they give teachers a summer vacation, and ideally, it's not to work your fanny off on a farm.  I've been looking forward to November, when we have a long weekend off for Veteran's day, and a nice long break for Thanksgiving. Tonight, it looks like we might be heading out to upstate NY to do a college visit during Veteran's day weekend. Maybe, just maybe, we might swing down and out to another one in lower NY on the way home. I'm not sure. So much for my nice, relaxing weekend. Fall is crazy and busy, and between kids events and fall cleaning, and family obligations, I am just plain exhausted. I really could use a break right about now.


Pamela said...

Yes! You need a break! It's not whining to say what you need, and we all need a break now and again to relax and recharge.

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

me and hubby are both teachers. i am now doing full time artwork but even so i know and feel your pain...make it a priority to get a break. hugs x