Sunday, October 07, 2012

Finding My Way Back....Food

Apples. Ancient Grains crackers. Big bowls of oatmeal for breakfast loaded with fruit, brown sugar, cinnamon and half and half. Popcorn. Rice cakes with peanut butter. Pears. Tortilla  chips, plain or with salsa, cheese and sour cream. Grapes. Vanilla Bean ice cream. Extra helpings of dinner. Beer several times a week.

Normally, I eat sensibility and keep my portions in control. Lately, I feel like no matter what I eat, or how much, I'm always starving. I almost feel like the more I eat, the hungrier I am. So I've been giving into my cravings. The thing is, I haven't been moving as much as usual either, so I feel pretty weighed down and sluggish on top of it all. I decided that today I was going to let myself have one more day of lousy eating, and then I'm getting myself back on track. I'm tired of feeling like crap, and I don't think this lousy eating pattern is helping any. 

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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

good luck with that...i am currently trying to sort food issues out...i comfort ate for 3 years aftyer my daughters diagnosis and am currently trying to loose 60 pounds! eek!!