Monday, February 13, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

What, so you expected to see an updated photo of my Olympic knitting here? Sigh, so did I. However, my stupid memory stick melted and so I have issues with being able to put a photo here. The boy is working on it however, so hopefully tomorrow. I can tell you, that I have 6 inches of the baby sweater finished (I will divide for the sleeves at 7.5 inches, so hurrah.. stockinette is sooo boring) and 23 inches of the prayer shawl done(60 inches for a total shawl). I have plans to work on the shawl tonight, and not the sweater, and think that for the time being I will alternate days. I need to get that shawl to my MIL, and I need to get that baby sweater done before the baby gets here. So... you know how it goes.

I do, have a photo offering. Just a random photo of the corner of my desk. I was checking the distance on a shot, trying to gauge how much I needed to zoom in or out, and snapped this by mistake. I kind of like how it came out, so I kept it. It's like a quiet still life. "Corner of Desk."

That issue with those moron's ; Another one of the fine non-English speaking employee's over at the company I won't do business with anymore called me again over the weekend. This time the boy got on the phone and gave them hell. They were supposed to take care of it (whatever) and he called customer service today, like they said, to be sure.. and they hadn' he's got a line into their corporate offices, and it's out of my hands. I did send off the letters I promised, they went out in Friday's mail and I fully expect that they have the letters in their hot little hands by now. It's amazing what kind of running around people will give you when secretly they know they are wrong, or assume that you are lying. Either way, this will get resolved.

Anyhow, it's Monday. Four more work days, and then we have a glorious week off. 9 days total if you count both weekend, and I cannot wait. I'm not a big fan of winter break as a rule. I think we could get rid of this and spring break, have one week off in March and get out a week earlier in June..but boy am I looking forward to this one. I have plans to do absolutely NOTHING all week long. And enjoy it I will. Very much.


Jeanie said...

What a lovely CLEAN desk you have! I'm so jealous!!!

Awesome Abby said...

YEs, the desk is perfect. Makes me wanna sit there for a while.

Soooo, tell me your take on year-round schooling? I think I'd love it. ALl the breaks and talk of getting out a week earlier in June made my wheels start turning.