Thursday, February 23, 2006

Time's ticking...

Well hello there and all that happy other stuff. I've been walking around with that nagging voice in my head for a few days telling me that I must blog.. and update...but I haven't. Hasn't been much knitting going on either. Nor a whole lot of drum playing, nor much of anything. It's been a week of not a whole lot of anything. Why? I'm not sure. I have done all of the above things, just not as much as my mind had planned to do when the week started. Life gets in the way. Friends call to chat, the kids want to play a game, or do this or that.. cleaning projects take longer than intended.

I've also spent a bit of time doing nothing. Watching the birds out at the feeder, standing in front of the heater in the kitchen watching the kids play in the yard. Flipping through magazines that had piled up because I didn't have time to read them. Soul satisfying things. February is a hard month. I decided that instead of treating it like any other, and pushing ahead the way I normally do.. I was going to accept February for what it was, and just take it easy.

My multitasking, constant moving, always on the go, go go mind has trouble with this. My tired of winter and slightly burnt out body however does not.

I should be done this little sweater. I have issues with how it's coming along however. I think it might be too big. Or, it's intended for a 12 month old, not a 12 month size, which I reasoned, and the issue is null. Except it's bigger than I had planned and my friend won't get any use out of it for a while. Which I suppose is just as well. I can always at the last minute gift it to the little girl across the street, and knit up my old stand by. Except that she only has 2 weeks before she goes on maternity leave when we get back. Although... it does knit up quick.

Here you can see it compared to the other little sweater I made (6 mos. size). My ever rational brain taunts me with "stick with what you know" as I look at the two. Anyhow, I have to knit up two sleeves, and do the edging and the hood, and the finishing work. I am not worried. I have no plans for this weekend and it's going to get bitter cold.

Prayer shawl.. what prayer shawl?!

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Awesome Abby said...

LOL, what prayer shawl? :)